5 Additional Ways PMS Systems Can Save Your Practice Money

We’ve already looked at some ways a good practice management software can save your dental practice money.

But as we typically only scratch the surface of what our tech can do for us until the need arises, there are even more ways a great PMS system like DentoNovo can save you money (or net you more revenues than you would have otherwise had).

Here we’ll look at further ways to save by getting your practice organized with easy digital practice management systems that allow you to run your business the way you really want to.

  1. Track your conversations. Everyone talks about tracking conversions – but what about conversations? We do it with social media and email: when someone starts a thread, subsequent comments and remarks are sorted in that thread, making it easy to tell what people are discussing and how things were left. A patient management system allows you to organize patient conversations similarly so you’ll know what you discussed and what exactly to follow-up with. Your PMS system should allow you to run custom reports that will show you at a glance who you spoke with about what services, who is due for a follow-up appointment, who should get certain treatments but isn’t reaching out. If you can say “Hey, I was going through your chart and I noticed that you were concerned with treatment cost. We now have financing available,” you have demonstrated your caring and attention to detail, and have a better chance of retaining that patient.
  2. Use your scheduler to communicate scarcity. Humans are hardwired to desire whatever is scarce or might become scarce. Instead of encouraging patients to come in whenever they want, use the power of your scheduler to show patients just how few appointment slots are left in a given day, and how fast they tend to fill up. This encourages patients to book right away. The same goes for unaccepted treatment plans; people are more likely to make a decision if you follow-up and make sure they know that appointments are limited. Sometimes this is worth tens of thousands of dollars in treatment plans that you didn’t capture because patients had walked out without scheduling anything.
  3. Share the social norms. Studies prove that people are influenced by what others do; practice management software allows you to demonstrate typical patient behaviour in report form. You can, for example, run reports of treatment plan acceptance rates so you’re not just using vague anecdotal evidence when you say “Well, most people with a similar situation prefer this treatment over that one.” You can actually use numbers to ethically persuade patients to accept the best treatment plan for them, overcoming their cost-related objections.
  4. Improve billing and collections. PMS software comes with simplified electronic billing options which can ensure that patients pay faster because they receive their bill faster. Too many outstanding bills could indicate a communication problem between you and your clients and allows for opportunities to change the way you do things (such as customizing your direct invoices to indicate you will charge interest after 30 days). You can also setup automatic follow-up reminders that trigger front office staff to do the necessary legwork to collect overdue payments.
  5. Get rid of the paper. There are so many ways to go paperless today, with practice management software at the digital fore. Why not let patients check themselves in, input their own contact details, and move to paperless charts? The latter is especially effective when multiple practitioners who work different hours, may all need access to the same patient’s chart. You can also scan documents directly into patients’ files, eliminating the worry of misplaced paper.

There’s so much more dental software can do for your practice, and all of it points in the same direction: addressing your long-term goals for the practice, so you can stop treading water and start meeting your big picture plans for growth.

By analyzing custom reports that tell the truth about which procedures are most profitable for your clinic, what percentage of no-shows you’re really dealing with and whether what the team is doing is working well, you will be well positioned to solve your practice’s problems and move confidently into the future.


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