7 Ways Dental Practice Management Software Can Save Your Practice Money

Getting a new dental practice management system is, in some ways, like starting up your practice: at first, you are brimming with ideas for what to do, how to optimize operations and how to generate revenues. Then, slowly, you get bogged down in day-to-day operations and those ideas and best practices get shelved. You begin to do things the way they’ve always been done and stop looking for efficiencies and improvements; who has the time?

Perhaps if you knew how much money was at stake, you would somehow find the time to make the most of your dental practice management software! The untapped potential in your underused practice management software for dental offices can save you money, cement patient loyalty and help you streamline the way your practice functions.

Here are 7 ways to use your tech to your advantage that go way beyond booking appointments.

  1. Email addresses = hearts and minds. Did you know you can do direct marketing right through your software – like sending personalized emails to notify clients of special offers and new services your clinic provides? Capture your clients’ email addresses in your new patient form, key them into the software and then…use them.
  2. Segment your database. How annoying is it to get a mass marketing email that has absolutely nothing to do with you? For marketing purposes, segment your database into specific groups. That way your marketing can be laser focused; no more inviting recent patients in for a hygiene check or telling inactive patients it’s been great to see them last month.
  3. Instead of spending staff time calling patients, why not let your software send an automatic appointment reminder via text or email? Or better yet, why not let patients into your portal so they can have some control over confirming, changing and even selecting their own appointments?
  4. Go the extra mile. Reminding patients that their insurance benefits for the year are about to expire and inviting them to book treatment options prior to the expiry date is worth its weight in gold to your clients – and to you. Nobody wants to waste ‘free’ money, so patients will appreciate your being proactive here.
  5. Instead of putting all your resources into drawing new clients into the clinic, why not focus on the ones you already have – the ones who haven’t been in for the last 9 to 36 months? Tracking relationships that have gone dormant is a good way to identify areas of improvement in your practice; you can then use this data to improve systems going forward, after you have contacted the inactive patients and invited them to return.
  6. Fill your schedule. Instead of using cancellations to take an extra-long lunch hour, use your software to easily create a list of patients who have asked to be on call for the next available appointment.
  7. Tag patient conversations for easier reporting. If you talked with a patient about a certain procedure, make a note of it – not in your head, where things are apt to disappear (the brain was designed for processing, not storage!) but in your dental practice management software, where you can run a report based on specific tags like “AcceleDent” and see who you spoke to about the procedure. Then you can contact those patients and offer them a special rate.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what a good dental office practice management system can do for your practice. Stay tuned for additional ways using your software to the fullest can save you money!

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