Dental Software: A Buyer’s Guide

If you’re new to the world of dental software programs, or better yet, dental practice management software – perhaps you bought into or joined a practice that uses software you’re unfamiliar with, or you are just starting out, or simply haven’t yet made full use of your clinic’s systems – you might be wondering about how to evaluate what kind of PMS would work best for you.

In fact, if technology isn’t really your strong suit, you may be wondering whether you really need to take advantage of comprehensive dental software at all, or whether you can get by with programs that weren’t designed specifically for the dental practice. After all, it is fairly common to see front office staff using Excel spreadsheets, Access, Word and other Microsoft Office tools to keep track of appointments and generate invoices. Can they be doing it all wrong?

The decision whether or not to purchase dental patient management software – and then to utilize that software to the fullest – ultimately rests on your goals for your practice.

If you want your dental clinic to compete in your marketplace, acquire new patients, and retain those patients for the long term, you need be completely up to date on digital technology because dentistry – and the way patients interact with you – has changed. In order to maintain a thriving practice, you need to find ways to attract patients, educate them, sell them, and capture their loyalty…and in 2019, that’s hard to accomplish without a dedicated software system that can keep track of all the moving parts.

Benefits of Dental Practice Management Software

There is a little joke about how dentists coped in the old days, before things like modern dental imaging technology and automated billing. The answer is “With great difficulty”. Practice management software can help keep a dental practice healthy by simplifying and automating time-consuming tasks that used to be relegated to evening and weekend drudgery. It can help eliminate costly errors and keep your appointment book filled with happy customers. It saves front office staff from making tedious telephone reminders, juggling an intractable paper schedule, and making endless photocopies of insurance cards and documents. And it keeps you, the dentist, available to patients in the event of an emergency.

A good practice management system for dental offices can also:

  • Improve your reputation with patients, who will appreciate your superior organizational skills
  • Help you go paperless (or as close to it as you’d like)
  • Provide secure data backups, so confidential patient files aren’t compromised by power outages or hackers
  • Ensure that you see more patients
  • Save you substantial money on cancellations, downtime, administrative overhead, and accounting fees
  • Allow front office staff to spend more time building patient relationships
  • Free up your precious time so you can go home at a decent hour
  • Influence patient education by allowing patients to view and read, not just hear you discuss, their results, treatment options and home care protocols
  • Be compatible with digital sensors, allowing you to view digital X-rays on any device
  • Allow patients to access resources from their own home

Now that you know how a good dental practice management software system can help make your practice more efficient, more modern and more lucrative, what should you look for when purchasing this software?

Dental Software Essentials of a Great Practice Management System

There are several reputable companies who design dental clinic software, and many available products on the market when it comes to dental PM systems. As a dental professional, what should you be looking for that will add the most value to your practice?

The number one consideration for most dentists, with good reason, would be ease of use. The last thing that would encourage you to adopt a new dental clinic management system is highly complex, difficult-to-learn software, right? Even if you aren’t going to be a primary user of the system, you will want to know how the basics work so that if your receptionist is on lunch, you won’t be letting someone walk out the door without paying because you simply don’t know how to take payments.

When considering a new software system, look for…

-Free demos on the software manufacturer’s website, so you can ‘test drive’ the system and get a feel for it

-Online training so you can learn different aspects of the software at your leisure

-Onsite setup and training available if you would prefer personal tutorials

Remember, technology is supposed to make our lives easier! You went to school long enough…you shouldn’t need another degree to figure out how your dental practice management software works.

The second essential for a great dental software practice management system is, it should save you time. Contrary to popular belief, time, not money, is the most precious commodity your clinic has; time is money, but it’s also time you could be spending with family rather than catching up on files or call backs. This means your PMS software should have functionalities like:

  • A library of easy-to-create-and-customize online forms, like patient medical questionnaires
  • A completely flexible, easy-to-tailor daily agenda that lets you see your schedule at a glance
  • A full email management application so you don’t need to use other programs to communicate with your clients
  • Complete word processing functionality with easy-to-customize templates
  • Centralized patient files and charts all in one place, so you can track a patient’s progress over time
  • Digital imaging
  • Total financial management, from billing to insurance to accounting
  • Appointment confirmations via text message and email
  • Reports tailor-made to your needs
  • Waitlist, clipboard and detailed logging of appointment movements

These time-saving features will also save you hassle and money, as well.

The third thing every good dental practice management software should have is sufficient compatibility with other programs and devices you use in your practice. While a single software should meet all the needs of a busy multi-practitioner dental office, technology is ever-changing, and your software should be scalable enough to be compatible with add-ons if and when they become necessary.

Ready to Begin the Search for the Best Dental Software?

Novologik is dedicated to providing software which adapts easily to your needs while remaining simple to use. We’re confident that our DentoNovo software, is the best dental software program available. It is an essential tool in good business management that offers the versatility needed to fit the requirements of your unique dental practice. But we don’t just sell software; we also provide the technical and network services and support that make our product so indispensable to our valued customers. Whether you need assistance with hardware and network set up, remote consulting advice, or training for your staff, we will ensure our dental practice management software exceeds the needs of your practice.

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