How to Stay in Touch with Your Dental Patients (5 Creative Ways)

We think you’ll agree when we say:

It’s so challenging to stay top of mind for people you only see a few hours per year!

It’s even harder without the best dental software like DentoNovo.

In the old days, it just didn’t matter; a patient was typically a patient for life.

But now that ‘the other guys’ are spending big marketing dollars on billboards, subway ads and TV commercials for cutting edge procedures and offering impossibly low pricing to snag your patients, staying in touch is really important if you expect patients to return to you…and refer their friends and family members, too.

Relationship Building is Key to Staying Top of Mind

Media saturation in our society is such that we’ve developed the ability to tune out anything that is too ad-like (unless, of course, it offers something we happen to want and need at that particular moment). There are lots of barriers to entering the hearts and minds of your customers. Fortunately, as a dentist, you already have a huge ‘in’ with patients: if nothing else, you are the path of least resistance for them to return to you! You already have the basis for building relationships with patients, without seeming intrusive or aggressive.

DentoNovo, a superior dental patient management software system, can make staying in touch and building relationships really easy by simplifying email communication, creating custom reports that allow you to see exactly whom to contact and when, and generating customized correspondence that gives you a reason to reach out.

Here are five ways to build and strengthen your relationship with your current dental patients:

  1. Use social media. You probably already use Twitter, Facebook and IG to keep in touch with family and friends, why not patients? Provide an incentive to follow you (hint: it can be as small as a tube of toothpaste or as big as 10 percent off their next whitening). Then be sure to actually use your social media accounts to post pictures, videos and shout outs – and engage with patients who are talking about you online.
  2. Plant the reminder seed with lasting freebies like toothbrushes, calendars, pens or magnets.
  3. Partner with a local company that makes natural lip balms to create a special branded formula just for you, then give it out to returning patients.
  4. Use snail mail to your advantage. The fact that ‘no one uses snail mail anymore’ is a good thing – you can be the person who cares enough to send out letters to the young patient who’s just gotten braces or lost their first baby tooth, greeting cards at holidays and birthdays, and a printed newsletter detailing staff milestones, office happenings, and all the dental health tips/new innovations in dentistry/special offers you can muster.
  5. Host a party. Whether you frame it as a Patient Appreciation Day or open house where you give out discounts, serve refreshments and invite Q&A, or whether you treat existing patients to outside events like a ball game, movie theatre or bowling, you are creating opportunities to show your patients how much you care and how you’re willing to go above and beyond to keep their business. As well, events are an excellent opportunity to encourage referrals; get your patients to bring a friend, and they will witness firsthand your commitment to excellent patient relations.

Give Yourself a Reason to Contact Patients Beyond Appointment Reminders

Of course, a great way to get the most out of your marketing spend is to get active in the community at large.

Some ideas including sponsoring a local sports team or partnering with a charitable organization to raise funds for them.

When you take part in initiatives like this, beyond the good publicity lies the opportunity to just reach out to your patients and let them know what you are doing. This can further solidify their good opinion of you because you will be reinforcing their values and giving them a chance to participate in your good works.

What’s your favourite method for staying in touch with patients and building the relationship?

Do you like to pick up the phone, or do you prefer to use your website to its fullest advantage and position yourself as an expert resource for all the latest dental information?

Let us know!


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