4 Easy Ways to Create a Better Orthodontic Experience for Your Patients

Certainly, high-quality orthodontic care should be at the top of your list when considering what to give your patients. But customer service is just as important.

A business isn’t just about what you give your customers, but it’s also about how you make them feel. Ensuring a helpful, friendly, and warm environment is going to make a huge impact on whether those customers stay or choose to go elsewhere.

Think about it. If a patient calls to book an appointment and the receptionist on the other end of the line is rude, short, and seems frustrated, that’s going to be a big turn off for that customer. If they call another practice and the receptionist greets them in a warm and friendly manner, you may lose your customer right then and there.

Your patients are comparing your orthodontic practice to other medical practices, as well as other unrelated businesses they encounter, such as restaurants and retail stores. A customer service based atmosphere is what will help you stand out from your competitors.

To create the best orthodontic patient experience, give a boost to your orthodontic referral-based marketing plan and increase your patient referrals, be sure to go above and beyond to satisfy their needs.

Here’s how…

Have a System in Place

If you want to have the best service out there, implement an organized system. It’s important for staff to know how to handle situations and for everyone to be on the same page. That’s why open communication needs to take place, and there needs to be a system of addressing patients, answering questions, booking appointments, and so on.  This is where an orthodontic system like Orthonovo comes in perfectly.

Create an Enthusiastic Staff

We’ve all been around that friend who was in a bad mood, and boy does it put a damper on your mood as well. If you want your patients to feel happy in your presence, then the staff has to portray that same feeling. Whether through the phone, welcoming patients at the front desk, or providing a service, team members should always exude enthusiasm and friendliness. Make your patients feel good by treating them like old-time friends rather than extra work.

Find Out What Your Patients Want

Your main goal is to create an experience that your customers want. The only way you can truly know what they want is to ask. Show them that their opinion matters by communicating with them. When patients check out, ask them how everything went. You can also give out short patient surveys every now and again to give customers the chance to voice their opinions and describe what kind of experience they are looking for.

Follow Up with Patients

When you show your patients that you truly care, they will value doing business with you. When a customer has had extensive treatment, have a team member follow up with them. Check in to see if they have any questions or concerns, but more than anything, be there simply to show that you care.


Orthodontic visits are not fun for anyone, and people don’t rush with excitement to set up their next appointment. Conveying exceptional customer service and making your patients feel at home will give them more of a reason to return sooner rather than later.


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