Orthodontic Imaging Software: An Introduction

Orthodontic imaging software is one of the most useful resources for managing your radiographs. Your competition is probably using digital x-rays. You may have implemented a digital system in your own practice. With the right imaging software, you can create, store, retrieve and share digital radiographs. It’s a convenient tool for streamlining your operations for a more productive and profitable practice.

How Orthodontic Imaging Software Works

With orthodontic imaging software, you can take a digital x-ray and easily integrate it with other functions in your practice. After you’ve captured the image, you can view, edit or share it. You can link it to a patient’s records without hassling with a complex paper filing system.

Digital x-rays are larger and more detailed than traditional films. They allow you to diagnose and treat your patients better. This gives you more control over your patient care.

Integrating the software into your practice management software also allows you to help your business run more smoothly. It simplifies your workflow and makes your practice more efficient.

Why Should You Use Orthodontic Imaging Software?

This type of software makes your work easier. You no longer need to dig through extensive file cabinets to locate films.

You can quickly share files with colleagues and other practitioners online. Get a second opinion or compare notes without mailing images back and forth. You can also access the software from different devices, making it easy to pull up a patient’s file at a moment’s notice.

From the patient’s perspective, using digital imaging software makes their experience faster and more accurate. Patients receive quicker service. Detailed imaging gives you more extensive insight into the problem.

What Types Of Orthodontic Imaging Software Are Available?

Some orthodontic imaging simply allows you to capture pictures of your patient’s mouth. Other types of software allow you to store, edit and access the information. Novologik’s OrthoNovo integrates images with every other aspect of your practice.

The imaging and ceph tracing software puts all of the patients’ photo history together. You can quickly see the progression of the treatment without having to rummage through paper files and films. You can also crop, rotate and adjust photos to give you a better view.

When you combine that functionality with patient scheduling, electronic filing, appointment setting, financial management, ceph tracing and communication, you have a comprehensive tool that helps everyone stay on the same page and provide consistent service.

Many companies that offer orthodontic imaging software charge you based on the number of users, devices or doctors that will access the information. Novologik wraps everything together into one affordable price. You don’t have to nickel-and-dime your budget to incorporate this powerful suite of tools into your practice’s imaging procedure.

Although skill, credentials and bedside manner are important for an orthodontic practice, your customer experience also relies on efficiency and cutting-edge technology. Stay ahead of the curve by making your digital imaging and record keeping easier to manage, and you’ll have more time to provide the best customer service and grow your practice.


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