Choosing Orthodontic Practice Management Software

What to Look For

Gone are the days of crumbling manila folders, scribbling a referral on a napkin or keeping recall lists in Word (no really, we have seen people do that). Most orthodontists today, whether they are sole practitioners or have associates or partners, already use practice management (PM) software. It just makes sense: if you are to grow your practice by attracting new clients, or even maintain existing revenue levels by retaining current ones, you need some way of streamlining operations so you can provide excellent service outside the chair. But, with several options on the market, what orthodontic practice management software should you select?

If you don’t know your PM from your palatal arch, here’s what to look for when it comes to orthodontic practice management software that will make your life much easier and your practice more lucrative.

  1. A complete digital patient record so you don’t need separate systems for various administrative and clinical functions
  2. A system that is secure and defends sensitive patient information against hacking or unauthorized access
  3. Cost-effective solutions to save you, not cost you, resources in the long run
  4. Intuitive – understands your unique needs and is easy to use
  5. Scalable, so you can add new functionality as your practice grows and the dynamics change
  6. Flexible, with various reporting tools so that practices with multiple specialties can organize information the way that works best for everyone
  7. Promotes efficiency by automating such routine administrative tasks as booking appointments, storing clinical information, billing, and patient correspondence

What to Think About When Deciding on PM Software for Your Orthodontic Practice

Since practitioners can feel the pressure of sourcing perfect PM software that staff will be able to learn quickly and use efficiently, and that won’t break down (or break the bank), there are some general things to think about when purchasing software.

  • Size of business: If you are a solo practitioner, you don’t necessarily need software capable of dealing with a very high-volume, multiple practitioner orthodontic practice. OrthoNovo is suitable for orthodontic practices of any size.
  • Tailoring: Is it important that your software be precisely customized to the way you do things, or are you and staff members willing to invest some time upfront and learn a new system?
  • Existing hardware and software: Is your current computer equipment up to snuff? Do you have an existing IT firm to help you with network services and tech support, or will you require your PM software firm to provide these services?

OrthoNovo: Advanced Solutions for Orthodontists

If you’ve been putting off choosing an orthodontic practice management software or upgrading to a better solution than the one you’ve got, consider OrthoNovo, the only practice management software designed specifically to be versatile enough for multi-practitioner offices yet simple enough to meet your needs with minimal training required. Imagine being able to quickly see and interact with all the information regarding a patient – from their history to all their photo imaging to their upcoming appointments – all in one place. Jump to a family member’s file without leaving the family grouping. See your schedule at a glance and plan your day accordingly. Send and share email and patient letters, all with the same intuitive, easy to use software! Request a demo and see why OrthoNovo by Novologik is the right choice for orthodontists everywhere.


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