How Using Orthodontic Practice Management Software Benefits Your Clinic

If you’re using the internet to make your life easier (which, no doubt about it, it does) you already know the benefits of going paperless, using automation, and having access to extensive information with one click. Now take that convenience, efficiency and ease of use up several more notches when you consider using a software tool that’s designed specifically for the needs of orthodontists like you. There’s a reason why OrthoNovo, Novologik’s tailor-made, simple to use software, is already an essential business management tool for the majority of orthodontic clinics in Eastern Canada. Read on to find out how using good orthodontic practice management software can benefit your clinic.

Increased Efficiency Means More Dental Chair Time, Less Admin

Imagine leaving your practice by 5:00 pm – not to run out and get a sub so you can return and do paperwork, but actually leaving for the day, with your schedule cleared, patients duly impressed, and billings in order, and arriving at home in plenty of time to help the kids with their homework? Not a pipe dream when you have good practice management software. In fact, orthodontic practice management software automates or makes ridiculously simple, the time-sucking tasks that squeeze your day, such as

  • Scheduling and re-scheduling appointments to keep your chair full
  • Tracking patient referrals in and out
  • Keeping up with patients’ family members
  • Processing invoices, insurance billings and payments
  • Finding patient information and photo images
  • Writing and generating letters, emails and reports

With a powerful, user-friendly system like OrthoNovo, you can keep on top of appointments, billing and correspondence and manage your daily tasks with far greater efficiency than before.

Centralized Patient Information at Your Fingertips

Orthodontic PM software also benefits your clinic by allowing you to view every detail of a patient’s file, from their birthday to their treatment history to who referred them and all of their images, all in one convenient place. This is the difference between simply moving your manila files into a computer, and using your practice management software to the fullest. With practice management software built specifically with an orthodontist’s needs in mind, you can organize the way information flows through your office so that anyone who needs to access any part of a patient’s file can do so, whenever they need to. For example, when your receptionist arrives in the morning, he or she can view a colour coded report of the scheduled patients that have been confirmed for the day, plus open or cancelled time slots, juxtaposed with a list of patients who want to be informed of any cancellations so they can snap up those spaces. That leads us to what every orthodontist (or medical professional of any stripe) really wants…

More Patients Seen = Increased Revenue Production

When you’re able to run your busy orthodontic practice like a well-oiled machine, you’re not the only one who sees the difference: patients do, too. They notice how you were able to slot them in at times that work with their schedule; that you have all the supplies and tools you need at your fingertips; that you can spend more time chairside and less time trying to generate invoices. They notice the clean, clutter-free atmosphere and the fact that you have their X-rays ready to discuss when they walk into your treatment room, and the integrated cosmetic imaging software you use to show them how their smile could look with various treatment options. All this noticing leads to follow-up appointments, loyal clients, and referrals – and more revenue for your clinic.

If you’ve been putting off getting or changing your orthodontic practice management software for a better one, don’t wait one more frenetic clinic day! Call us to arrange a complimentary demo.


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