An advanced management solution for dentists

DentoNovo management software is an all-in-one solution for dentists. This advanced platform has been developed for dental clinic administration and provides a range of modules to facilitate all aspects of your daily work, including some tools accessible on mobile phones and tablets. From agendas to patient files, accounting and communication, DentoNovo takes care of everything.

One software,
dozens of features for
dental clinics

One software,
dozens of features for
dental clinics

The DentoNovo agenda is clear and concise, allowing for easy navigation across your day, week or month. Color-coding for appointments and the multi-chair/multi-agenda display gives you an overview of your schedule at a glance. Thanks to the innovative features and the context menu, it has never been easier to move and create appointments and to manage waiting lists.

Medical history, insurance information and past and future appointments are all included in this module, giving you easy access to your patient’s information thanks to the multi-tab file. In addition, the patient grouping option simplifies follow-ups and allows easy navigation between files for members of the same family.

Create treatment plans and invoices with ease. Invoice insurance providers directly and receive answers in real time. Simplify file management with the RAMQ. DentoNovo saves you time and money.

The complete electronic file includes an interactive odontogram that displays the progression of treatment and is linked with the invoicing on file. The integrated periodontal chart aids data collection during examinations and allows you to view the patient’s progress from one appointment to the next. The activity log tracks procedures and treatments in a paper-free environment. All the information collected during each appointment and patient communication is centralized for a more effective follow-up.

This Dentonovo application stores and displays all your patient images in one place, allowing you to monitor treatment progress. You have the freedom to build a whole range of custom templates and to resize or adjust each photo to suit your needs.

With NovoLet, you can create an array of reports, financial agreements, personalized letters and other documents while remaining true to your brand image. Once printed or sent by e-mail, the documents are saved in PDF format in the patient file. Included with your DentoNovo software, NovoLet replaces Microsoft Word for creation and management of your correspondence.

NovoEmails makes it easy to send e-mails to patients and referrers. This DentoNovo module lets you send e-mails from any workstation with no need for another electronic communication software. All e-mails sent to patients are saved in their file. There, you can consult each e-mail and any attached documents. NovoEmails allows you to create one or more e-mail signatures per user. Confirm appointments easily and reduce paper consumption.

Our dynamic forms module is a flexible tool that lets you design custom forms based on the information you need to collect, such as a patient’s medical questionnaire. No longer limited to the patient record, the doctor can also generate forms specific to their needs in order to effectively plan new treatments or follow up on ongoing ones. Data is entered using a tablet computer and is saved directly to the patient’s file, eliminating the need for a paper version.

Even more features in a single software package

+ Appointment confirmation by e-mail and text message
+ Touch-screen patient welcome system
+ Customizable reports to suit your needs

+Detailed appointment movement, plus waiting list and bulletin board
+Electronic file and document approval using fingerprint
+Electronic signature of patient documents

Are you a dentist looking for a solution to optimize your practice management? Request a free demonstration, and get ready to be amazed by the DentoNovo software.